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Carnival Mirror

carnival mirror for parties - great for halloween

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Product Options
LARGE Mirror - 24 inches by 52 inches
Large enough for a full sized adult!
JUMBO Mirror - 56 inches by 84 inches
Over 31 square feet of perfect reflection!
Bigger than 3 Large Mirrors

Detailed Description
  • Carnival Mirror is made the same way as very expensive glass or Plexiglas mirrors but on a much thinner high grade plastic sheet. This thin sheet is easy to bend and will allow you to create the custom reflection of your choice.
  • We have sold thousands over the past 13 years and are still the only direct source for this packaged material for consumers. Others resell our offerings at substantial markups.
  • Carnival Mirroris the only optically perfect, custom use distortion mirror available.
  • It is lightweight and simple to hang and adjust.
  • The same clear reflection as a $400 glass mirror when mounted.
  • Can be shipped and stored rolled up, easy to reuse again and again.
  • No frame is necessary, we supply adhesive tabs and instructions to hang it fast.
  • Our mirror gives you the control to change the visual effects, one mirror can be used for all applications...fat, thin, wacky, wavy etc.
  • You can hang it in less than a minute and it will last for many years.
  • Carnival Mirror is a professional grade product used in hundreds of Haunted Houses across America, like Universal Studios Florida and Six Flags theme parks.
  • Not a mylar or similar low grade reflective material - this is a high quality offering!
  • Has many uses after your party is over it is an awesome craft item too.

 FOR ALL AGES and did we mention FUN.



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